About Me - My Personal Journey and The Path Here

Hello, my name is Giselle. I practice and teach yoga on a daily basis. Here's a little about me and my journey here.

As a child I was always energetic; riding horses, dancing school and swimming. I loved horses and rode nearly every day as a young girl and into adulthood, and still ride today. Horses have a healing effect on me. I found another passion, too. I discovered yoga at a young age, quite by accident. I was in the Library looking at books and came across a book on yoga. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I thought the pictures were beautiful. I read and studied the book and started to practice the moves, which in Sanskrit are called Asanas.

The pictures resembled some of the moves I was learning in Ballet at my dancing school. But yoga was special and I soon realized that it was more than physical moves or exercises. It centered me and brought me into a state of awareness like nothing else. I remember when there were times of turmoil in my life, yoga seemed to be the key for my tranquility and grounding, even though I did not really have the kind of understanding of it as I do today.

I spent my time between riding my horses and trying my new-found Yoga. Back then, in the 60's, yoga was just starting to generate some interest here in the Western world. It was still obscure, but became more popular when the Beatles started getting into it. I devoured anything I could find that would give me more information.

Then, a program on TV about yoga appeared. I remember trying to perform some of the moves as I watched the screen, and almost destroyed my mother's furniture as I clumsily crashed into it! Luckily, neither the furniture nor I needed repairs. Soon I got better and better in my practice and felt a new sense of accomplishment.

As I got older I needed to make money to survive, as we all do, so I became a Paralegal. It was good money, but the stress was overwhelming. I did that for 20 years, but knew that I would leave it behind one day. I raised a beautiful daughter working as a Paralegal, and got by pretty well. After my daughter was on her own, I had an opportunity to devote myself to what I knew was my calling. I became a yoga teacher full-time and now I have my own practice. I have a full list of personal clients, who I train on a one-on-one basis, and I work for four different gyms in my area teaching group classes.

I had lots of requests to make a video from clients and students of mine so that they could practice at home. I'm happy to say that I just finished my first DVD. It's a power yoga, strengthening video that will stretch and tone the body and help you to feel connected and centered.

Click the DVD Icon below to get your copy.

Yoga Video


I am an E-RYT 500, Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher at the 500 hour level and train individuals privately, or in small group classes. I also run a Yoga Alliance Registered School, called Power Fusion Yoga, RYS, where I conduct Yoga Teacher Training courses several times a year.

What is Power Fusion yoga? Click Here to find out.


I studied mind/body courses with Deepak Chopra, M.D., and David Simon, M.D., at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California over ten years ago, and I am now one of the Chopra Center Educators here on the East Coast. I am certified to teach a course in Ayurveda called "Perfect Health." I am also an Ayurvedic Products Consultant for the Chopra Center and recommend mind/body products that I think will help my yoga practitioners.

If you would like to experience the wonderful world of Ayurveda and its healing and nourishing products, I suggest you visit the Chopra site. If you decide to purchase any products, you can use a special code that I am authorized to give you for free shipping. The code number is AC0808001. When ready to make your purchase, use the code for free shipping on your first order of any products! Click on this Chopra Center link for a wonderful experience in Mind/Body rejuvenation. You'll find books and a wealth of healing products and information.

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Pilates is also one of the fitness regimens that I offer to my clients. I have several Pilates Reformers and provide personal training utilizing the machines. Combining Yoga and Pilates into a fitness regimen is a powerful combination.


You can get a free Life Coaching Phone Session. I hold a Certificate in Professional Life Coaching from the Life Coach Institute. Combining my knowledge of yoga with Life Coaching is a combination that transforms people's ability to deal with a variety of life issues effectively, make incredible strides, both personally and professionally, and enables them to open a whole new chapter in their lives. Try your free Life Coaching phone session!

Contact me for more information.


I perfected my business and now I am very established in my practice. However, I felt the need to expand even more, but not by getting a bigger studio or more local clients. I needed to expand on a larger level and reach people all over the globe with no limitations, to give some of the knowledge I felt would help them.

I wanted to build a website and become active on the Internet. But there was a little problem. I didn't have website skills. I hit many dead ends in trying to figure out how to create a website. I had less than zero knowledge. I was ok turning on the computer and doing basic things, and I could type well from years of typing legal briefs, but website skills? NONE! Completely foreign to me.

I searched for a year, but still could not find my way. I did not want to hire a professional to do my website, so I sent out my intentions and knew that the answer would come as to how I should proceed. The answer did come to me, and here I am!

If you find yourself looking for answers regarding building a website, you can find out more about how I did it by clicking here on my

Site Build It! page.

My life has been a journey with lots of ups and downs in the past. Now, I don't consider the downs as problems, just opportunities to find something greater beyond the horizon.

Thanks for reading a little about me.

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"Giselle's been an invaluable teacher and helped me put a plan into place to increase my flexibility, ease my back pain and to lose weight. I also learned breath awareness meditation, which really helps with stress." Douglas J. Heun, CPA, Northfield, NJ

"I have been practicing yoga with Giselle since the 80's and started out as a total beginner. She brought me to a place of complete transformation in my body, and on a level of higher thinking. Much Gratitude! Namaste"
Teresa Lewis, Glenolden, PA