Benefits of Yoga
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Benefits of Yoga - High Blood Pressure Reduction

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is a serious condition which, over time, leads to serious heart disease and other vascular problems. It's one of the major reasons for cardiovascular illnesses among people today. One of the benefits of yoga are reduction of stress and high blood pressure. There are also specific diets, like the DASH Diet, that can help with high blood pressure. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to the diet. High blood pressure has devastating effects on organs like the kidneys, eyes, and heart and can lead to premature death. It can cause blood clots to form in the arteries that go to the brain, blocking blood flow and potentially causing a stroke.

Benefits of Yoga - High Blood Pressure Reduction

High blood pressure can also cause an aneurysm, which is a bulge in the blood vessel wall that can burst, causing life-threatening bleeding in the brain. Prompt treatment of high blood pressure can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and congestive heart disease. Treatments vary and you should always consult your health care provider. Read further for some simple solutions to a real health problem.

High Blood Pressure has no symptoms and develops over time. It can only be detected by having your blood pressure checked. That’s why it’s often called the ‘silent killer.’ You have a higher risk if you have a family history of the disease, but it can affect all types of people since it can be caused by a number of lifestyle factors, such as being overweight, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Excessive salt (sodium) is also a major contributor to hypertension. After menopause, women are at a high risk and more likely to develop the disease.

Benefits of Yoga - High Blood Pressure Reduction

More than any other race or ethnic group, African Americans are at a higher risk for hypertension. Their average blood pressures are much higher and they develop hypertension at an earlier age than white Americans. African Americans are 4.2 times more likely than Caucasians to develop hypertension-related problems.

In healthy adults, normal blood pressure is considered 120/80. If it's higher, your doctor will most likely recommend lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, and prescription medication, but these medications are only effective as long as the patient takes them as prescribed.

Benefits of Yoga - High Blood Pressure Reduction

Many doctors are prescribing yoga to their patients with high blood pressure. Beginning a yoga practice can greatly reduce the symptoms and lessen the severity of high blood pressure. The first thing that yoga will do is decrease your stress levels, which are a direct cause of high blood pressure. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels dramatically.

Also, becoming more aware of your body and beginning to tune in to sensations will help in making better food choices. Yoga asanas will help the body's strength and flexibility, as well as invigorating and massaging the internal organs. Better blood flow means better health. Pranayama and yogic breathing techniques will help in bringing more oxygenated blood to the body.

The Dash Program

You can lower your blood pressure with the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan. The information is based on the DASH research findings and tells how to follow the DASH eating plan to reduce the amount of sodium you consume. It can be adapted to vegetarianism by substituting Tofu for meat and chicken and adding more whole grains, beans and non-animal products to the food choices. It offers tips on how to start and stay on the eating plan, as well as a week of menus and some recipes. Following the DASH program will yield positive results in lowering your blood pressure and eliminating some of the potential problems.

Don't forget that following a program of proper exercise, including yoga, stress reduction techniques, and making lifestyle and dietary changes can make a huge difference for those with high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for keeping high-blood pressure down to retain your optimal health, as well as following the DASH recommendations.

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