Binaural Beats - profound results

Meditation has been profoundly helpful to me. I first became interested in meditation while reading about the practice of Tibetan dream yoga, which uses of form of lucid dreaming to allow the Buddhist practitioner to meditate throughout the entire night while he sleeps. After practicing various types of meditation for a while, a friend introduced me to the use of binaural beats as a meditation aid.

Binaural beats are a phenomenon of the mind that occurs when two slightly different, isolated frequencies are presented to either ear via headphones. The beat frequency that results from these two frequencies entrains the brain’s neurological activity to this frequency, which causes extremely deep meditations to result. The meditating individual can remain awake and meditate while the brain produces EEG patterns that are normally seen only during sleep. The best binaural beat meditation aid I have used is Holosync, which is produced by the Centerpointe Research Institute.

The Holosync program contains multiple steps, which gradually entrain the brain with increasing intensity. The program is expensive, but it truly works. I have used it for two years and can honestly say that it has been by far the most transformative program in which I have ever participated. Although I do not think that the use of binaural beats should completely replace traditional meditation methods, I think every person—religious or nonreligious—can benefit from this technology.

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