Help for Depression Disorder

"Now YOU Can Experience Relief from Depression Disorder, Anxiety and Stress Without Spending Years Searching For the Answers!"

You're About To Find Out How To End Anxiety and Depression Disorder Through the Power of Ancient Yogic Knowledge

My Friends,

Depression disorder is an epidemic today. Not too long ago, I was stuck and hopelessly searching for answers as to why I continually felt anxiety and depression.

See, for a long time I had been trying to get answers.

But, all the knowledge I gained from school, peers and so-called experts were not giving me what I was looking for.

I was simply getting nowhere and I was on the verge of a total meltdown.

Then something amazing happened, and I started to experience a shift in my awareness...

... a shift that started to melt the anxiety, depression, confusion and fears away...

... and started giving me the answers I was looking for.

This shift came from Yoga.

I found Yoga at a very young age, but it was not until my late teens that it really kicked in...

"Yoga Is Far More Than Stretching The Body... Yoga Is About Mastering All Aspects Of Your Mind and Emotions..."

I started slowly learning about the ancient teachings and profound knowledge that went far beyond just stretching the body.

The knowledge that I found was not just random information.

In the sacred writings of Yoga that go back thousands of years, one of the most Ancient books talks about the Five Afflictions or Obstacles to our Happiness.

These obstacles are the main contributors for all human suffering and depression disorder.

"As a Result of Feeding Into... And Not Knowing These Five Obstacles, We Unconsciously Contribute To The Causes Of Our Unhappiness..."

It was such a life changing experience for me to understand the reasons why I suffered...

... and I started to see how I could almost instantly banish the anxiety, depression and stress, just from this knowledge.

The ancient texts reveal ways to identify and overcome anxiety and human suffering and show how to turn obstacles into our greatest gifts.

"I Have Found the Ultimate Solution to Dissolving Anxiety, Depression Disorder and Stress and Increasing Your Empowerment!"

I was able to master my moods and change my reality by learning these simple, but profound truths that are not secrets at all...

... it's just that most people will never put the pieces together on their own.

I Listened to You and This is What I Heard...

"I have periods of anxiety, stress and depression that are not going away..."

" I have feelings of isolation, loneliness and desperation, even though I'm surrounded by family, co-workers and friends..."

" I feel embarrassed to admit to anyone that I sometimes feel hopeless, sad and depressed, so I hide my pain..."

" I feel misunderstood and neglected..."

" I feel that no one else is feeling what I feel..."

" I feel that no one would understand exactly what I am going through and that there are no solutions to my problems..."

" There are times when I have uncontrollable sadness and crying..."

" I have little control over my anger, rage and negative thinking..."

I've had these thoughts too...

... and after years of struggle, I decided to learn all I could and allow this ancient wisdom to work for me...

... and my search has been to find relief from these feelings.

"I Finally Started Feeling The Shift From Anxiety, Depression Disorder and Stress, To Empowerment, Energy and Loving Life!"

I shared my results and started working with my private clients using the same techniques that I used for myself...

... and they were amazed that they started to feel better so quickly.

They said I should help others by sharing this solution.

So I sat down to begin developing this course...

Here's The Answer To Your Problem of Debilitating Anxiety, Depression Disorder and Stress...

"The Yoga Self-Mastery Course"

I developed a training course called Yoga Self-Mastery, where I teach you about the Five Prime Obstacles that cause suffering.

I show you how to use ancient yogic knowledge to eliminate anxiety and depression disorder in your life today.

"You Will Learn that The Mental Blocks and Misinformation We Have All Learned Throughout Our Lives... Are Causing Endless Suffering... In The Form of Anxiety and Depression Disorder..."

The course I've created for you gives you a lesson each week for five weeks that are short, easy to follow, but life changing lessons that will quickly get you to understand and overcome the obstacles that create anxiety, stress and depression... and prevent you from living an amazingly abundant life.

The Yoga Self-Mastery Course will instill the knowledge of these ancient teachings and show you how to develop the mental power to take back the reins of your emotions and experience calm, smooth days again so that you can be back in control.

Here is What You Will Get in the Yoga Self-Mastery Course...

1. Five Weekly Lessons - Each Lesson is in both Written and Audio format so that you can listen and read for better retention.

2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls You will get weekly group coaching by me, for more in-depth teaching on each lesson. This is where the real learning begins. We will expand on each week's lesson, see the obstacles, and see where they are sabotaging your life. We can then begin the process of transformation, growth and empowerment.

The dates and times of the group coaching calls will be provided. You will be able to ask questions and get answers. If you cannot be live on the calls, they will be recorded and sent to you so that you can listen at your convenience.

In addition to the course, here are Two More Bonuses!

3. Bonus #1: The Third Lesson has Three Extra Instructional Audio Lessons on the fundamentals of what meditation is and how to begin a simple and easy meditation practice. It was designed to teach you a complete but condensed version of the meditation principles to get you started.

4. Bonus #2: You will get a copy of the Yoga Ambiance Beginner/Intermediate DVD shipped right to your door. You will be able to start a basic but rich, physical beginner/intermediate yoga practice to get your body strong, to go with your refined and clarified mind. A strong mind needs a strong body. This yoga video is a simple yet powerful video that anyone can do ... It will help to give you strength and flexibility to reduce physical pain, help you to feel energized, and increase endorphins that are responsible for uplifting your moods...This video ends with a 15 minute guided meditation to bring you peace and serenity...

You get all the PDF Lessons with Audios, Bonus Meditation Trainings, Weekly Group Coaching Calls and the Yoga Ambiance Beginner/Intermediate DVD, shipped right to your door.

Depression and Anxiety are debilitating mental diseases, but with the right knowledge, you can overcome mental imbalances from faulty and negative thinking.

This five week course teaches the five primary obstacles to happiness. It reveals the real reasons for suffering and depression according to the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and How To Overcome These Obstacles so that you can become free from the pain and learn to live life fully and abundantly.

You will now have the knowledge and power to change the things in your life that are not working for you and turn them into assets!

Get the Yoga Self-Mastery Course for five weeks of training and bonuses that will give you clarity, confidence and a new outlook and control of depression and anxiety, in addition to gaining the physical strength, balance and stress reduction that you need.

Here is what to expect with the Yoga Self-Mastery Course

  • You'll experience a significant drop in anxiety and depression ...

  • You'll identify and remove obstacles and roadblocks...

  • You'll heighten awareness on how to embrace the best possible self-care...

  • You'll break through limited belief systems...

  • You'll improve your decision-making capabilities...

  • You'll work on taking some risks that will boost your self-confidence...

  • You'll learn how to set goals for growth and productivity...

  • You will expose self-limiting fears and work through them to come out shining and feeling full of enthusiasm...
  • This Is Your Chance to Finally Feel Happy for No Reason!

    Through the five lessons, meditations, affirmations, empowerment techniques and physical strengthening, you will become more connected with your internal wisdom and release long held anxiety and depression disorder.

    You will uncover the ability to live fully, prosper and have the courage to live an extraordinary life without fear, indecisiveness and pain.

    There is so much more that you will gain, but YOU NEED TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP towards your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

    Here is the Value of What you are Getting

    • The course's written PDF's along with the audio books are valued at - $197.
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls are valued at $597.
    • Three Bonus Meditation Instructional Audios - $67.
    • Bonus Yoga Ambiance DVD + shipping - $ 26

    • Total Value of the Course: $887.00

      But you won't pay the full $887.00 or even half that amount.

      Even though I provided you with so much value, I'm only going to ask a fraction of that amount to let you in on the profound information that changed my life ... and that will transform yours forever.

      I am going to give you the entire Five Week Yoga Self-Mastery Course, which includes:

      • Five Weeks of Lessons - PDF's and Audio Books;

      • Five Weeks of Group Coaching Sessions;

      • All Meditation and Affirmation Audios;

      • Three Bonus Meditation Instruction Audios;

      • Bonus Yoga Video to start or improve your existing physical practice;

      ... for only $197.00!

      The people I shared the solution with told me this is a ridiculously low price for the value of the course.

      But I'm here to help others, so I'm giving you outstanding value for a reasonable amount, but only for a short time.

      Take advantage of this offer now.

      And You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

      There is a money back guarantee included with this training course. If after the First Lesson and Group Coaching Session you don't think this course is for you, just notify me before the start of the second lesson. You will get a full refund, no questions asked.

      The most critical part of getting somewhere is taking the first step. You will gain the knowledge, clarity, confidence and courage to get out of mental and physical pain.

      Now is the time to make a change. I want you to take action, because insight without action is worthless!

      I look forward to setting you free from the pain you have been enduring from anxiety and depression disorder and guiding you on the path to emotional and mental relief and physical wellness.

      Because this is the first time I am offering this program, I'm offering it at a very discounted price. But the price is going up soon. The next time I offer this program, it will be at a much higher price.

      Now you have the opportunity to make a profound change to your life, to be in control and experience the happiness you deserve.

      Grab hold of this course before the low-price disappears!

      Order with Pay Pal or credit card below.

      To your health and wellness!



      This introductory course price will be going up to the original price of $887.00 soon, so lock in the low price now!


      If you decide after the first lesson and the group coaching call that you wish to discontinue, just send me an email before the second week's training, and I will give you a Full Refund.

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