Depression Warning Signs

Heal Depression Naturally with Yoga!

There are many depression warning signs. Depression affects millions of people of all walks of life.

What causes depression? Many people think that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression, but I tend to think that our negative thoughts may be the trigger for any chemical imbalance.

When we have the depression warning signs of anxiety, lethargy, inability to focus, sleeplessness or on the flip side, sleeping too much, insecurity, fear and withdrawing from society just to name a few, we know we have a situation that warrants attention.

Can we heal depression through yoga?

My experience has been that anyone who takes the time to include a yoga practice into their daily routine will see improvements in their mental, physical and spiritual states.

Yoga is a science that works on a very deep level. Controlling the breath controls the wandering and restless mind and the mind controls the body. When you begin to feel the merging of all of those components, you feel powerful and know that you have choices.

A feeling of freedom envelops us as we feel more in-control of our breathing, body, mind and senses. It is only through practice that you will begin to feel the depression warning signs slipping away.

My Yoga Self-Mastery Course will give you the tools and the help to move away from anxiety, depression and stress.

What Will You Receive In This Course?

Yoga's ancient teachings give us clear ways to navigate through life's challenges. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there are five distinct reasons for suffering.

Once we know what they are, we can identify them and see where they cause toxicity in our lives. If you don't know what they are, you will repeat the mistakes that you are making and never move away from the perpetual problems.

But just knowing what they are is not going to help you to overcome the challenges. We need to identify the obstacles and then learn how to overcome them.

With the knowledge of these obstacles and learning the steps to reduce their toxicity, you will feel the liberation known as Moksha!

Explore how to beat depression with the Knowledge of the Five Obstacles!

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