Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

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Prenatal Vitamins and Pregnancy

In addition to adding a gentle yoga practice to your daily routine, the taking of prenatal vitamins is one of the most important things you can do during your pregnancy. Ideally, you should start taking prenatal vitamins when you are trying to conceive a baby. By taking these vitamins while you are trying to conceive, you are preparing your body for the challenging task that lies ahead. Taking them before pregnancy is not always possible, but taking them during pregnancy is essential.

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

Folic Acid

Prenatal vitamins contain one of the most important nutrients that a new mother needs; folic acid or folate. By taking extra folic acid, you lower your chances of your baby being born with an incomplete spinal column, which is known as spina bifida. It is important that folic acid be taken in the first four weeks of fetal development.

Most women do not know they are pregnant until after they have missed their period, which can be two weeks after conception. If you are of child bearing age, you should take folic acid, even if you are not planning to become pregnant. As we all know, not all pregnancies are planned!

You can get your folic acid in food, as it is added to many breads and pastas. It is found in dark green leafy vegetables and oranges, as well as many other vegetables. Taking a daily supplement of folic acid offers more protection from spina bifida than eating the same amount of folic acid in food. Check with your doctor for the proper amounts that you should take.

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

Morning Sickness

Some women report that they cannot take prenatal vitamins, especially in their first trimester. Women who suffer from morning sickness and food aversions find that they cannot eat much food. Taking a vitamin on an empty stomach can leave you feeling sick, which is why so many women in the first trimester do not take them.

Another reason some women report upset stomachs is due to the high iron level that some prenatal vitamins have. Not only could this cause an upset stomach, this can also lead to constipation which can already be a problem for some pregnant women. If you find that you cannot take your vitamins, talk to your doctor to see if he can give you something that will work for you.

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

Eating Well While Dealing With Morning Sickness

There are different degrees of morning sickness. There are very few women who sail through pregnancy without so much as a glimpse of queasiness; they are few and far between.

Most likely, you will experience at least some form of nausea or stomach upset. It is not pleasant, but it is perfectly normal during the early months of pregnancy. It is falsely named "morning sickness." Most pregnant women know it is more like all day sickness. Each woman and each pregnancy is different. The good news is that morning sickness is only temporary. Most women start feeling better between their 12th and 14th week of pregnancy. Even better news is that your baby is handling this much better than you.

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

Easing Nausea and Discomfort

As hard as it is to eat healthy during this period, there are some things you can do to help ease your discomfort. For starters, eat often. It has been shown that an empty stomach tends to make your morning sickness even worse. This is why so many of us feel so bad when we first wake up. We've had nothing in our system all night, which means our stomach acids are going crazy since nothing is there to soak them up. The trick to this is to eat often. Try eating six mini meals a day, and make sure you have plenty of snacks.

Before you go to bed for the night, have a snack that is high in protein and carbs, such as nuts, raisins or yogurt. Keep crackers by your bed (I know, they make crumbs!), or whole grain toast to eat before you get out of bed in the morning. Eating before you get out of bed might quell some nausea early on. Melons and bananas are good snack choices, and as for protein, add a little cheese and crackers or some nuts to your snack assortment. Yogurt is an excellent choice when fighting morning sickness.

The Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy - Helpful Hints

Staying Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water. If morning sickness is causing you to vomit, it is essential that you stay hydrated. Becoming dehydrated can cause a problem for you and your little one, so make sure you drink water or juice throughout the day. You can also suck on ice chips or fruit juice popsicles if you are having problems keeping liquids down.

The most important thing during the first three months is to go easy on yourself. If you cannot eat as well as you would like to, you will still have plenty of time to make up for it after you get through this storm. Just make smart choices when it comes to what you eat; smaller, more frequent meals, and lots of fruits, vegetables and quality protein. Before you know it, you will be eating and enjoying your food again!

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