Finding the Best Teacher

by Marilee S. Joyce
(Mantua, NJ)

Hi to all. I am a RYT and very proud of it. I have been told by my students that I am the best ever, irreplaceable, and very helpful. I always accept the compliments with much gratitude and then go on to say that I would not be the yoga teacher that I am without training from the BEST teacher EVER! Her excellent training has gotten me through two cancer scares, a stress fracture in my foot, and my daughter's illness and hospitalization, all in the past two years. One of the reasons I say that her training got me through these difficult times is because she was excellent at teaching poses without actually doing them, and there were many times when I physically could not do certain poses in the past two years. I always knew she was really good at teaching yoga, but through these trials I fully appreciated and realized the fabulous training I received. I am blessed and thankful every day that I had the privilege to train under the direction of Giselle Toner, my personal angel and hero. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Giselle, and I encourage all to find that very special, best teacher ever, to be your mentor, angel, hero... Namaste.

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Finding the Best Teacher
by: Giselle Toner


It makes me feel so good just knowing that I was able to give you the gift of directing and enhancing your own greatness! My greatest teachers are my students, and you are one of the best. You worked hard to be where you are, and I know you are lighting the way for so many others.

I am the one who is grateful and honored for having had the opportunity to meet you and work with you!

Miles are between us, but our frequencies will always resonate.

Thank you for your generous words.


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"Hello Giselle, I saw your 3 Step Yoga Blueprint and should say it is beautiful and concise and to the point.  It will surely help so many people like me, and I should say I appreciate your efforts in helping and motivating people to have a healthy and stress free life in these times of turmoil with help of Yoga.  It is a real service and an excellent contribution towards the human society.   Bless you, Thanks and regards - Be in Light and Bliss, Basho from India"

"Giselle's been an invaluable teacher and helped me put a plan into place to increase my flexibility, ease my back pain and to lose weight.  I also learned breath awareness meditation, which really helps with stress." Douglas J. Heun, CPA, Northfield, NJ

"I have been practicing yoga with Giselle since the 80's and started out as a total beginner. She brought me to a place of complete transformation in my body, and on a level of higher thinking. Much Gratitude! Namaste"
Teresa Lewis, Glenolden, PA