First Month Pregnancy Symptoms - How to Feel Better


First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

In addition to a gentle yoga practice, the following advice can help alleviate some early pregnancy problems. During your first month and for the first trimester of pregnancy, you may feel some discomfort. Read on for tips to get you through it.

How to Cope With Food Aversions and Morning Sickness

Food aversions are a normal part of pregnancy and are the flip side of food cravings. Nearly eighty five percent of all pregnant women suffer from food aversions. Food aversions are the greatest in the first trimester and usually trigger what we call morning sickness. Some women find that they disappear by the start of their second trimester, right around the same time morning sickness disappears. Other women find that their food aversions stay with them their whole pregnancy and a few women find that foods they developed aversions to throughout the pregnancy stay with them even after they deliver.

First Month Pregnancy Symptoms


Hormones are more than likely to blame for your food aversions. Some experts believe that just as food cravings are your body's way of telling you that you need a certain food, food aversions are your body's way of protecting you from eating harmful foods. This might be why a lot of women report that they experience aversions to alcohol and coffee.

Some food aversions are actually a blessing in disguise, especially if it is to something that is unhealthy during pregnancy. The same goes for cigarette smoke. Many women have said that the first clue they had of pregnancy was that the smell of smoke made them physically ill. Others say that their first clue of being pregnant was when the thought of wine with dinner was completely unappealing.

If you find that you have aversions to healthy food, try to work around it as best as possible and don't force yourself to eat foods that you can't tolerate. Instead, look for alternatives. If you don't like salad or anything green, see if vegetable juice can be a substitute. While drinking vegetable juice is not the same as eating vegetables, it still has great benefits.

First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

Eating Meat, Chicken and Fish

If you are a meat eater, make sure you are getting quality meats and chicken that are organically fed and hormone and antibiotic free. If the thought of fish, chicken or meat makes you sick, get your protein in other forms. Tofu, cheese, yogurt, eggs and nuts are great protein alternatives. Or you can try to hide your meat, chicken or fish in other meals. Stir chicken into a casserole or mix some seafood into a pasta dish so that you can still get your protein with less of a risk of being nauseated.

Just like with morning sickness, don't worry if you can't eat as healthy as you would like while you are dealing with food aversions. Chances are, once you enter your second trimester, they will disappear and you can eat more of a variety of foods.

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