Great Benefits

by L. Mankuri

There are many types of meditation, But the main reason why meditation is done is, 1) Relieve stress 2) Concentration 3) Relaxation 4) Health, etc. There are many postures you can use to sit and perform meditation. It is recommended to perform meditation under the guidance of a Guru.

The best meditation is mantra meditation. It literally means repeating a sound for a said number of times and number of days to achieve the advantages given above. Meditation should be done in a silent and peaceful place where there is no poluted air. It can be early in the morning or later in the evening. Also, meditation should be done sitting on the ground and not on any sofa, carpet etc.

In ancient times there were a lot of guruji's who used to perform meditation for several years without food or water and attained many blessings from God. But nowadays this type of meditation is not possible by a common man and should not be tried unless they have prepared themselves mentally and physically to perform such types of meditation. There are a lot of medicines and treatment available for stress, which is a common problem for us, but those medicines will surely have some side effects and cannot cure stress completely.

It is only meditation that provides complete cure to stress without any side effects. We need not even spend a dollar to attain such satisfaction. Instead we need to spend just 10 minutes initially for starters and later people will know the importance of meditation and will allocate time accordingly.

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