Green Yoga Retreat

Attention yogis — Get ready for a Green Yoga Retreat!  Green Yoga Retreats are in abundance!  Yoga Retreats are an excellent, natural respite for the body and mind. Embark on an eco-friendly yoga retreat for an even more natural and organic experience. Businesses, homeowners, consumers and now even yogis are greening their lifestyles — making life changes and using renewable energy sources for sustainable living. 

Casa Verde – Rio Cangrejal, Honduras

The Casa Verde is a yoga raw food retreat that promotes raw food cleansing and Ashtanga yoga practice within a tranquil and pristine environment. To subscribe to this "deep green" program, you'll stay nearby the Pico Bonito National Forest of Honduras among beautiful mountains, fresh spring water and lush exotic plants. Among a wide, whitewater river, 400-foot sparkling waterfall and bouldering river rocks, you'll rejuvenate and revive your body. 

In addition to personalized yoga, the retreat offers replenishing eco activities, including natural rain forest hikes and river swims. You'll eat nourishing, plant-based meals that are 100 percent raw. The cleansing diet includes locally grown raw foods and herbal teas.

Prana del Mar – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Prana del Mar is a green yoga retreat highly committed to the environment and the reduction of harmful effects on the planet. From solar-panel electricity and a solar-heated pool to organic linens and woven bamboo flooring, Prana del Mar sustainability practices are wholeheartedly embraced. The eco-friendly retreat includes:

  • Energy-efficient light fixtures and appliances
  • Natural lighting solutions, such as skylights
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling for garden irrigation
  • Composting and fertilization
  • Green cleaning
  • Cloth hand towels and napkins
  • Organic toiletries
  • Purified drinking water

The Prana del Mar consists of five acres on the Baja peninsula, 16 guest rooms and two large yoga studios. Surrounded by glorious mountains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West, guests will experience Prana del Mar in the beautiful, natural bounty of Mother Earth. Visiting yogis can participate in a mix of yoga and Pilates training led by internationally renowned experts— and even go horseback riding, receive a healing massage or undergo aromatherapy treatment.

Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat – Bali, Indonesia

The Floating Leaf, an eco spa and yoga retreat, is nestled in a small village in Old Bali. The retreat center offers yoga classes of various disciplines as well as meditation and Ayurvedic wellness. Permaculture principles — sustainable living without sacrificing luxury — are also at the forefront of this eco-retreat. Permaculture is a type of ecological engineering and architecture. A water purification plant, solar and wind power, water-efficient landscaping and other green initiatives make up this innovative, rejuvenating retreat.

The resort staff works closely with local farmers to grow organic foods that are served at the center. In return, Floating Leaf gives back to the community by teaching the locals English, yoga and permaculture techniques for free. 

At the high-tech indoor and outdoor spa facilities, Floating Leaf specialists work toward holistic wellness by pampering the body and spirit of guests. A combination of healthy nutrition, Ayurvedic and deep massage treatments, and specialized yoga experiences invigorate guests without bruising the delicate environment.

Yogi Preparation

For a wellness experience and spiritual journey of a lifetime, prepare your body and mind with the following steps for your green yoga retreat:

  • Maintain a mindful and healthy diet free of processed food, caffeine, alcohol and other toxins.
  • Reduce your yoga sessions. Rest for your trip and try to integrate deep stretching as well as yin or asana yoga into your routine. 
  • Protect yourself with HCCMIS medical traveling insurance in case of emergencies or injuries.
  • Identify your intentions, meditate and imagine what you'd like to gain from this experience. 

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