Hakini Mudra Heart Goddess Gesture

by Garudin LaSoldo
(West Chester, PA)

Greetings to all,

Often times we focus on physical cleansing. But it is also very important to spend equal time on spring cleaning for the Heart! I have noticed in my practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher that most health problems have their root in the heart.

Most ill health comes from unresolved sorrow, anger, jealousy, hurt, loneliness or a feeling of being misunderstood. It is really important that we not only take care of our physical body by exercising and eating right. If we want to be truly healthy we must also make sure that we nourish and strengthen our spiritual hearts.

By following the few types of meditation, we can heal the heart and clear negative emotions. Try this method: Ushtrasana - Camel Pose , Hakini Mudra Heart Goddess Gesture. Visualize the heart as a twelve petaled lotus. Inhale and watch the petals of the lotus open. Exhale and release all feeling of pain, sorrow, jealousy, self - hate and anger from the heart. Chant the sound YAM, pronounced yum, as you exhale. Repeat this three times. See how you will feel a great release!

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