Helpful Information on Meditation Techniques

by L. S.

Meditation is nothing but keeping one's mind calm to realize how to manage the tension. This is practiced largely in India. First you have to sit in a clean and quiet place, fold your legs one on another. Keep your eyes closed. Go on by heart the word "OM". First, for few weeks you will get all sorts of inconveniences. Automatically your mind will start to roam away from the word Om.

Do not worry about it. Try again and again. First allow the thoughts to roam but after a week you will realize that your mind comes back to the word, obeying you. When the thoughts go away from your control, check the thoughts. If they roam around past mistakes, you are on the right track, allow them. But if they go to future planning, you have to bring the thoughts to the word,OM.

First try this for 5 minutes. Increase it every night by five min. If you have any difficulty in sitting, then at once stop your meditation. Relax by sitting, stetching the legs, stretching the arms wide open. Sit like this for few minutes. When doing meditation you have to keep the arms folded on your lap. While sitting, keep your right leg on the left leg. Same thing for hands also. Sit on a mat made of natural things, not of artificial materials. Best to sit on a clean white cotten cloth.

If you follow these methods in meditation, after a month you can feel a great change in you. Spritually if you want guidance, it is very important to have a guru. Meditation helps us to take a correct decision. Free you from tension. It is very important to keep your eyes looking the tip of your nose while meditating. Even if you close the eyes, you have to do it. Another important aspect is, breathe slowly saying Om for every inhale and exhale.

Meditation is part of yoga. Many demo classes are conducted everywhere. Attend them for more benefits. If you get a guru it is an excellent experience. He will rectify your mistakes then and there. He need not stay near you, even away from you, he can change your breathing and posture. Do a puja requesting God to help you in meditation. Then start meditation. I used to pray to my gurus before meditating. If you have a guru, you will definitely escape from dangers and cornered positions. You can experience this only if you believe him totally. Surrender yourself totally to your guru, he will look after your needs. Very important condition to get a guru is, you have to have a lot of love for downtrodden people. So give a try and succeed in your attempt. Good luck! May god bless you.

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