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"The winds of grace are always blowing, but it is you who must raise your sails." ~Rabindranath Tagore

Are you just getting into yoga? Have questions and want to know more about the health benefits and the best way to practice?

Do you think this will be just another site, full of impossible to understand terms and foreign concepts? This site is for both the novice and the more advanced practitioner.


First, for the novice, this ancient healing and enlightening practice needs to be presented in an easy to understand, easy to do format as you progress at your own pace. Understanding Sanskrit terminology takes years of study, and some concepts are difficult to grasp. This site will make things a little more "user friendly."

This life enhancing practice is for men, women, children and seniors. It is especially beneficial for pregnancy, with modifications. These practices can benefit everyone, with particular emphasis on meditation. You can benefit from our free guided meditation scripts and instructions on various types of meditation.

Free Yoga Exercises

This site will give you lots of free yoga exercises. Just go to the left side menu and click on Beginner Poses, Advanced Poses or Video Clips. Each section will bring up many different poses, with instructions, for you to try. The Video Clips will bring you to my YouTube short tutorial videos, with more being added monthly.




Beginner's Video - Yoga Ambiance with Extended Guided Meditation

Get your copy of Yoga Ambiance today!

This beginner/intermediate practice is designed to give you improved flexibility, increased strength and better balance. The extended guided meditation will allow you to release stress and bring your awareness inward for total integration of the gifts of yoga.


Forty Minute Fusion - A Powerful Workout with Pilates and Total Body Sculpting Exercises

Get your copy of Forty Minute Fusion Today!

This Pilates based video will guide you through an intense forty minutes of the best total body sculpting moves. Feel the power of the most effective core strengtheners, leg work, push-up variations and other exercises that will get you in the best shape of your life in the quickest time. No machines required; just you, me and a mat!


For the Seasoned Yoga Practitioner

If you are looking to challenge yourself, try Eternity Yoga's Power Fusion Series, Intermediate/Advanced Level. This power yoga video will bring you to a new level of strength, focus and flexibility.

Get your copy of this Intermediate/Advanced Video Today!

Help me to help you - I will always strive to deliver what is needed most to help you on your yogic path. Click here to take my short survey and tell me what you would like to learn or what you need to help you grow and reach your highest goals!


Ready for the beginning of an incredible, life transforming journey? This ancient practice is not a religion and knows no separation of any faith; all paths lead to the same place. The world's many religions are just different frames around the same mirror. As you become more immersed in your practice, you will understand how significant the words, "Be still and know that I am God" are. You will see that stillness of the mind is the profound portal to all creativity. The true Self, also known as Supreme Consciousness, is primary.

Follow me as I lead you through more enlightening information!

Always check with your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program. In no way is this information meant to take the place of professional medical care or advice.

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Yoga Poses that will Transform and Shape Your Body, Mind and Spirit!
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Free Yoga Exercises, Intermediate/Advanced, For Strength, Endurance, Flexibility
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Yoga During Pregnancy - How It Can Help - Pre and Post Natal.
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Yoga For Seniors
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Meditation - An Easy, Calming and Effective Practice
Types of Meditation - Discovering the Best One For You
Different types of meditation can be confusing. Find the most effective one for you.
Yoga Nidra Meditation Denotes the Highest State of Consciousness.
Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest of all meditation practices to tap into the soul.
Tratak Enlightening Candle Flame Meditation
Tratak candle flame meditation can bestow new energy, clarity and intuitive capabilities.
A Guided Meditation Script to Take You Into A Blissful Journey!
This Guided Meditation Script will enable you to access and benefit from a deep healing and profound process.
Binaural Beats Meditation - Deepest Meditation, Amazing Results In Less Time.
Wondering what Binaural Beats Meditation is? Learn More!
The Gayatri Mantra - One of the Oldest and Most Beautiful of All Mantras!
The Gayatri Mantra's special blessings - Learn more!
A Chakra Chart with Descriptions for Healing and Energizing.
See a Chakra Chart and learn about the energy centers of the body.
Pranayama Techniques - Linking to the Cosmic Breath of Life!
These Pranayama Techniques and Yoga Breathing Exercises Control the Mind and Body and Give Life, Vitalilty and Energy.
Depression Disorder Can Be Helped By The Yoga Self Mastery Course
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Power Fusion Yoga - The Benefits of A Powerful Practice
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Deepak Chopra and My Affiliation with the Chopra Center
Discover Ayurveda through the wisdom of Deepak Chopra!
Create a Personal Development Plan
Learn about the benefits of personal development and self-growth and create the life you want!
Yoga Exercise Equipment; Yoga Mats, Blocks, Props, Socks, etc.
If you need a great yoga mat or any other yoga exercise equipment, here are some great resources!
Recommended Yoga Resources for Health, Healing and Spiritualilty
Helpful Yoga Resources for browsers of Eternity Yoga. Find helpful links for Yoga and related healing arts.
Giselle's Yoga Classes and Information
Find out dates, times and locations for my yoga classes.
Local Class Information and Current Courses
Where to find my local class information on courses offered.
Eternity Yoga Blog
The Eternity Yoga Blog keeps you in touch with all of the most important aspects and helpful healing topics on yoga.

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