Is Yoga Right for You?

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

If you think of yoga, the first thing you probably imagine is a group of girls dressed in yoga
pants and doing various poses on their yoga mats. However, yoga is not exclusive to these
people. Even you can do yoga and don’t even think that it’s already too late for you to start.
Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga for Women

Women like yoga because it helps them meditate while teaching them breathing exercises
that help in relieving stress and improving concentration. And then of course yoga also
helps in maintaining one’s health and fitness. If you practice this for a while, you will find
that you are coping better when confronted with situations that should anger you easily.

Yoga for Men

There are some yoga classes that men and women go to together. For example, a pregnant
woman can seek the help of her husband or male companion in breathing exercises helpful
to her condition. Men can assist in this, and even after the woman has given birth they can
continue attending classes on their own or as a couple.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women would find the breathing exercises in yoga to be helpful in labor. Pregnant
women have difficulties breathing sometimes, especially as they gain weight and as the
unborn child grows inside them. Yoga teaches them techniques to help them breathe
properly while helping relieve the pain that they are feeling.

Yoga for Kids

Even kids can learn yoga. In fact, it would be the best time to teach them to practice yoga
so that when they grow old, they have already mastered the basic poses and continue to
advanced ones. Their bodies are also more flexible when they are kids and through yoga
practice they can be flexible adults. This would be helpful in women who want to grow up as
ballerinas, for example.

Yoga for the Elderly

Even elderly people can get some benefits from practicing yoga. Many have testified to
finding peace through this practice, and you can be one of them. Practice yoga to maintain
a healthy body despite old age. You can use this exercise to condition your bones and
respiratory system. It will also help you look and feel younger when you are in shape and
actively performing yoga. Go to a mixed class where young people can inspire you, or go to
a class filled with people your age if you are shy to mingle with the younger generation.

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