The word Kundalini means "coiled" in Sanskrit, or a "corporeal energy." Kundalini yoga energy is also described as the uncoiling of individual inherent energy and reaching the infinite from our finite bodies.

This energy (prana) is an unconscious, instinctive, libidinal force (Shakti), that is envisioned as a sleeping serpent at the base of the spine that may be awakened by pranayama (breath control), asana (dynamic physical movements), visualization and chanting mantras. As a result, this energy has the ability to rise up a subtle channel at the base of the spine (called the Sushumna) to the crown of the head (the Sahasrara Chakra), bringing illumination, unleashing healing powers, and bestowing supreme knowledge known as enlightenment.

Kundalini energy is part of the subtle body as well as the chakras (energy centers) and the nadis (energy channels). The energy is stimulated and powerfully directed through the chakras or energy centers in the body, giving rise to the unlimited potential that already exists within every human being.


Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga, as all true yogic practices are. It has only been practiced in the West relatively recently, as Yogi Bhajan brought this style of yoga here in 1969. For thousands of years it was kept a secret, and many yogis thought that this ancient knowledge should be closely guarded and learned only by highly select Brahmins (priests) of the upper class. Yogi Bhajan went against tradition by teaching Kundalini Yoga to the public because he believed that everyone has the right to study this powerful form of yoga.

Yogi Bhajan improved the lives of thousands of people through his teachings on yoga and Sikh Dharma. He spoke of the fact that he did not come to gather disciples, he came to create teachers who can go on to help others. Yogi Bhajan gathered teachings from the great masters in India and brought them to the West to benefit those who searched for higher consciousness.

This holistic system strengthens the physical body in order to receive and integrate the psycho-spiritual Kundalini energy that expands the consciousness. We discover the untapped source of prana lying dormant at the Muladhara Chakra (base of the spine) and learn how to use it by drawing the energy up, awakening each of the seven chakras.

Kundalini yoga focuses on kriyas, which are specially formulated sets of exercises and purification practices. It activates the flow of prana, clears blockages balances the glandular system and promotes "intensified life-energy." It can be practiced by all skill levels since the focus is not always on the body but on the breathing, mantras, mudras, chanting and use of a gong to create an acoustically unique sound to elevate the spirit, clear the mind and heal the body. The practice is easily understood and accessible to beginners and advanced students alike.

There has been much written about Kundalini yoga supposedly causing mental collapse, psychosis, oppression and even demonic possession. Some individuals involved in the process of feeling the surges of energy might find it difficult to control their behavior during power rushes of Kundalini energy. Further, some individuals may have emotional instability from the onset, thereby invoking further turmoil. It is also known that Kundalini awakening can happen spontaneously in extreme circumstances to some who have never even practiced yoga.

Kundalini energy is powerful, positive and transformational when learned with proper guidance. Read the Wikipedia article on the subject of Kundalini Syndrome.

Yogi Bhajan spoke of this practice as the direct, non-stop jet route to consciousness and taught that it belongs to the people who practice it. Kundalini Yoga is not a religion, but is a direct and effective tuning-in to our subtle, powerful energies. It is a practice that can be utilized with any religion or belief system.

It must be noted that all true yoga traditions seek to raise "Kundalini energy" - your full potential for oneness with the supreme creative force.

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