Meditation for Stress Management

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Meditation for Stress Management - The Stress Effect

If you feel stressed out due to the turbulent economy or any other situation, and are filled with all the bad news that we constantly hear, you are not alone. The good news is there are ways to cope and things to do that are inexpensive or totally free that can make you feel wonderful and renew your spirit. We all face stress to one degree or another, but people that do well with coping during stressful times shift their focus to the good in their lives and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Think about your blessings and things you're grateful for. To help alleviate stress (and save money on your electric bill!) turn off the television set and engage in uplifting activities. Limit your exposure to the ever-present, fear-driven stories in the media. Meditation for stress management will bring relief.

Finding Creative Solutions

If you take a moment to think about it, you'll discover many ways to de-stress. Start to include some wonderful stress reduction remedies in your life. Meditation is a free and very effective way to increase well-being, but it doesn't necessarily mean sitting in Full Lotus, chanting a mantra. For instance, if you take a walk in a garden or near the ocean, it can be very meditative.

Doing something that you really enjoy - painting, gardening, or just going out and enjoying nature, a sunset, or gazing at the stars can be a meditative experience. Invest in a yoga video.

The practice of Hatha Yoga is meditation in motion. Physically active people have much lower rates of depression and anxiety than sedentary people.

Meditation for Stress Management

Finding healthy ways to self-soothe are important. If you can't afford an expensive gym membership you can bike, hike or hit the beach. Try learning the hula hoop. Laughter is a great stress buster.

Plant a garden with a Zen-like feel and put a bird bath in the yard. Start a book club or simply make time to talk with friends. Light candles and take an indulgent bubble bath. You can make a special, daily ritual of enjoying a cup of tea. Join a drumming group. You might find it to be a wonderfully rewarding experience by hammering some nails at Habitat for Humanity, or, at the other end of the spectrum, join a knitting group.

Join support groups, interest groups or try volunteering. Having good relationships can allow you to withstand stress better. Surround yourself with supportive people. And, don't forget about the wonderful healing benefits of having a pet if you have the time and resources. If you don't have a pet, there are many waiting to be adopted, or at the very least, you can lend a hand at the local SPCA.

Meditation for Stress Management

Your Food Choices

Food choices make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves. When you look good you feel good! A balanced diet that is full of high quality food is your best defense against stress and illness and gives you more energy and brain power.

Too much sugar and caffeine can really zap your energy. They are quick fixes, but have long-term consequences that are not good for you. Indulgences that provide immediate gratification usually have bad consequences, like drowning your sorrows with that extra Vodka Martini or the tempting bag of potato chips.

You don't need to eat three chocolate covered donuts to feel good! A pro-active approach, like planting a garden, will keep you healthy and save you some money at the grocery store. It will also help the environment. Look into becoming a vegetarian and take an active and creative approach to taking care of yourself.

The uplifting suggestions here are geared toward low-cost or free activities. Engaging in simple activities and getting more of a sense of significance from life's little pleasures can make you feel great, especially if they don't break the bank!


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