My daily Yoga ritual

by Liz R.

After I perform my favorite Asanas, it's time to do my Pranayama and then I meditate. Meditation should take place in a serene, low light environment. I find that candle light gives the best environment for me to relax and take myself to a place where the blue skies are bluer than ever. I can hear the waves of a beautiful lake wash up against the shore.

My visualization, which is the best way for me to meditate, is of the sun glimmering off the blue lake and surrounding me with the sparkles from the reflection. I feel the soft breeze caress my face and smell the fragrance of the flowers that line the shore. I block all surrounding distractions and move into a state of quasi-suspended animation, so it seems. My heart beat slows, my blood pressure goes down and my whole body relaxes as the visualization becomes more intense.

I slowly relax every part of my body starting from my toes and working my way up until my entire body is relaxed and almost limp to the touch. Then, I start in the opposite direction and work my way down my body waking-up each body part and feeling the renewal of energy in each part. My mind is cleared of all clutter and the meditation is completed. I slowly come out of my meditation in much the same way I went into that state. Once out of the meditative state, I feel refreshed and full of life.

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Yoga Ritual
by: Giselle

Hi Janice,

I thought I'd jump in here to give you some feedback. Yoga is great for low back pain and any kind of tightness in the body.

Your age does not matter at all. Just start with basic beginner poses. As far as how long it will take to feel a difference? Immediately. Yoga will make your body feel wonderful because it will get the movement and blood flow it so desperately needs.

I am 55 years old (look at the home page, that's me at 54!). Ok, so I've been practicing yoga for many years, but I teach many beginners and they progress very quickly with a little knowledge and dedication to the practice.

I hope you stay with yoga and begin a new journey. Let me know if I can help in any way.


Yoga Beginner
by: Janice

I am in my early 50's and as an artist I have a very sedentary lifestyle resulting in being overweight, trapped nerve in my lower back and not bendy at all.

I want to take up yoga for my health and well being and I am really impressed with your ritual, it sounds lovely.

I am starting today doing the beginners yoga moves and hopefully my life being will improve.

I have a question?

Does it matter what age you are and how long roughly would it take before the benefits are noticed?

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