The Most Effective Pranayama Techniques

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Pranayama Techniques and Yoga Breathing Exercises

It is said that The Mind is the King of the Senses, but the Breath is the King of the Mind.

Pranayama is the rhythmic control and science of the breath, the fourth of the Eight Limbs or stages of yoga in the quest of the soul, according to Patanjali's Sutras.

Pranayama is known as the Breath of Life. Prana is the life force. Prana is not the breath or the air, but the life force that animates and gives consciousness to every living Being. Through the practice of Pranayama, the life force is greatly enhanced.

Ideally, Pranayama should be learned under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor, or Guru. However, it is sometimes impossible to find or get to a qualified yoga teacher. The following information may help you to begin a good Pranayama practice.

Rhythmic patterns of slow, deep breathing strengthens the respiratory system and calms the nervous system. When the breath is controlled, the mind follows. When the mind is tamed by the control of the breath, the body follows in a release of built-up tension. Anxiety, stress, tension and toxic thinking ceases. Cravings and desires diminish and we are no longer prisoners, thus allowing us to embark on our path towards liberation, or Moksha. We can then start to introduce thinking patterns that are healthy. We are able to discern wrong thinking from right thinking and be tuned-in to our Highest Power.

Each and every individual's Prana/Life Force is connected to the cosmic breath of the Universal Spirit. Pranayama and Yoga Breathing Exercises form the bridge. The Oneness of the breath, mind, senses and spirit is Yoga, and Pranayama is the link to it all.


Below are links to pages for some of the most beneficial Pranayama and Yoga Breathing Exercises. Take your time and read the instructions to become familiar with the proper technique, and soon you will feel the powerful benefits of pranayama.

Learn More About Pranayama Yoga and Use This Breathing Ratio Chart

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