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Since the word Yoga means union, it is clear to see how sex and yoga can unite two bodies, two souls, two spirits. In our fast paced, stressed society, we seem to have forgotten the ways of uniting meaningfully with our partners.

The basic knowledge of yoga and the Eight Limbs of Patanjali's Sutras gives us clear directions that, when followed, will make our blending with another more than just a brief, meaningless, physical union.

It can take us to the highest heights of spiritual and physical unfoldment. This spiritual and ancient knowledge, which has been guarded for centuries, gives us specific ways to honor and care for our own body, mind and soul. When we start to treat our bodies as the sacred temples that they are, it automatically becomes our outward expression, showing in every way. We then can attract a partner on the same spiritual frequency, and treating another with the same respect we have for ourselves becomes our way of life.


By developing our own sensitivity through yoga, we can thereby be sensitive to another.

Without this sensitivity, there can be no blissful sexual union. A good sex life, for most people, has always been important for health and happiness. The view of sex in ancient times was vastly different than ours today. Sex produced new life, a miracle, and the ability of a woman to give life through her womb made her sacred; a "god."

Intercourse is the sacred union of two halves of the human spirit, male and female, whereby through intercourse, the male and female could find spiritual communion and connection with God. Today, society rarely finds sacredness in sex. Sex is exploited, abused and misused. Money is a factor that swirls in and around sex. Sex is sold and used to sell everything from clothing to cars.


Women are sometimes confused when it comes to the reasons for their unhappiness with sex and their sexual partners, often feeling emotionally empty and sad instead of elated and fulfilled. Women have lost their connection to their greatness, birthright and goddess-like qualities. Once we connect again with our greatness through yoga we begin to experience our true nature, which is glorious and divine. We begin to appreciate and love ourselves. Only then do we believe we are truly worthy of fulfillment and will not settle for anything less. That divine acceptance allows us to then give that love freely to our partner in an exquisite exchange.


Men often find themselves wondering what it all means. They want to connect, but are sometimes afraid to give too much out of fear and confusion. If a woman is not secure within herself and does not know how to honor herself, a man cannot be expected to give her the answers. It really does make all the difference in how a woman views herself and how much she knows her own wishes, desires and body. If she comes from a stable place where she is totally immersed in love for herself, humanity, the planet and is spiritually steeped in the knowledge of union, then she will give no conflicting messages and she will come from a place of contentment. She will not give herself to someone who will do her harm and will stay open for the person who is resonating on the same frequency as she is.


Men who become enlightened understand that through sex and yoga, an embrace of both their masculine and feminine energy leads them to unparalleled ecstasy and they truly learn how to engage in the most rapture-filled, spiritual partnerships. Through yoga, men and women can claim their connections again and regain the magic and miracle of the greatest fusion of energy known. Is it any wonder that when we reach orgasm we temporarily lose our sense of consciousness on this plane and go to a higher level that is indescribable? That is because we are one with God at that moment and experience extreme bliss that can only be felt, and not adequately described in words.


The sacred feminine is on the rise. We see how denigrating the feminine aspect of existence has stolen the lifeblood from earth's wonderful gifts to us. The earth is dying a slow and painful death due to the decreased feminine nurturing and care that is critical for her survival.


Now, as a critical mass, we are opening up to the emergence of a new spirit that can light the way for the abundance of life. Men and women will rejoice in a spiritual unfolding that will bring life new meaning and open new sources of life-giving energy. Sexual union can be the most profound of all human experience and Yoga provides the blueprint and map for finding and building that treasure.



Tantric principles connect sexuality to spirituality through meditation and sacred rituals and practices. One of the Tantric principles is that a man's pleasure is derived, not from his own feelings, but from the pleasure of his partner.

In India, sexuality is an important and significant part of achieving a certain degree of enlightenment, but in our Western culture sexual pleasures and desires are not associated with spirituality. With these differences in traditions there exists a fine line between what is perceived as right and wrong; sex, condemnation and the resulting guilt.


The Tantric tradition says sexually responsible adults who devote themselves to achieving higher levels of sexual, spiritual bliss gain many benefits. Eastern philosophy encourages celebrating and rejoicing in the splendor and glory of creation. There is a science for understanding how to get the most of this therapeutic and wonderful experience.

Energy is the source of life in the Tantric yoga tradition. Sexual energy is sacred energy and the harnessing of that energy is the main focus of Tantra. There are many exercises and techniques that help in the chanelling of sexual energy, such as breathing, contractions and holding of certain positions.


Other Eastern healing arts include Reiki and energy chaneling, whereby one partner channels his energy to the other. When practiced before engaging in sexual activity, it is known to heighten sexual pleasure during intercourse. Through transference of energy and the resultant stimulation, healing is achieved and both spiritual and physical aspects are enhanced.

In Tantric yoga, the focus is not on the achievement of orgasm as it is here in Western culture. It is a continuous play of distributing the sexual energy that leads to ecstatic flows of electricity through and between the bodies. Tantric couples learn the art of meditating on unconditional love and desire. This allows a couple to grow closer and makes sexual activities less anxious and awkward due to less pressure to perform. Couples can then open up to new areas of focusing on the feelings of intense love.


Healing massages, repeating mantras, chanting, rhythmic breathing, continuous eye contact, physical closeness and prolonged foreplay are extremely powerful ways to connect without actual intercourse. The result is a powerful flow of energy between the bodies that can result in spontaneous orgasm that can be many times more powerful than orgasm reached with no spiritual connection.

The act of giving complete pleasure to your partner is a profoundly gratifying sexual experience. Focusing on your partner's pleasure is a way to heighten and strengthen your relationship and take it to new levels of intimacy.


Tantric yoga teaches that your true Self is infinite and beyond space and time. This realization leads to complete peace of mind and contentment. Tantric yoga combines the principles of yoga and meditation to weave together sensuality and spirituality. Sex and yoga are interchangeable gifts and when one becomes the other, partners experience true spiritual unity consciousness throughout eternity.


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