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The Power of Prana and Lymph Node Function

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The term "Lymph Nodes" is usually only brought into our awareness when we hear about someone having cancer, but a healthy lymphatic system is imperative to good health. We have twice as much lymphatic fluid as blood in our bodies and we need to be aware of what makes our lymphatic system work properly. This section on Yoga Breathing Exercise will explain the importance of the breath and a healthy lymphatic system.

Our cells are surrounded by lymphatic fluid that flushes out the toxins and waste of our immune system, including dead white blood cells and unused plasma. Our lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system and the lymph vessels form a drainage system throughout the body. The blood is pumped around the body, transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The cells absorb what they need and then purge any unnecessary substances. The unused toxins get removed via the lymphatic fluid.

The lymph fluid drains into the circulatory system through ducts at the base of the neck. It then passes on to the liver and kidneys and relies on the act of breathing and physical movement to push out the waste. If the body's lymphatic system and our physical movement is not working at optimum levels, the body cannot be purified. If the breath is not deep and the body is inactive, this leads to poor action of the lymphatic system.

Yoga Breathing Exercise - Energy

Proper breathing is the initiator of an important exchange of energy. It pumps necessary amounts of oxygen into the body that is vital for the lymphatic system's efficiency. Breathing serves as the engine for the lymphatic system the same way the heart vitalizes the circulatory system. Our cells must have oxygen to survive, and they rely on a complex exchange between the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients into every cell in the body, and a healthy lymphatic system carries away toxins that can cause disease.

Breathing exercises (pranayama techniques) and energetic styles of yoga (asanas) are a way to cleanse the body and help the lymphatic system work fully. Expanding and contracting the lungs and diaphragm stimulates the respiratory system and yoga helps the internal organs get a massaging workout, thereby ridding the body of toxins and aiding the exchange of oxygen.

Practice deep breathing and make it a habit by focusing on taking long, deep inhales throughout the day. When you inhale, feel the breath going deep down into the bottom of the lungs. Imagine the breath going into the belly. Hold the breath in for a few seconds as the lungs expand. Exhale fully until you feel the breath discharge completely and then begin the next deep inhale.

This type of breathing will expand the lungs and increase their capacity, bringing in more oxygen and thereby aiding in the lymphatic system's job of flushing out toxins.

Yoga Breathing Exercise - Learn Pranayama

Pranayama breath control techniques and a daily yoga practice will help aid the body in the circulation of lymphatic fluids.

Explore several different pranayama techniques. You can learn these breathing exercises on my Pranayama Techniques Page.

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