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Here are some of the best yoga positions for beginners. These free yoga moves will gently build strength and flexibility and bring your awareness inward. Your breathing should be deep and steady. Keeping your focus on the breath while holding the positions will help you relax more fully. The holding of these poses is the key to increasing your flexibility, so hold each pose for at least five to ten deep breaths. Breathing is done through the nose only, if possible.


Sun Salutations are usually done at the beginning of your practice. View the following video of basic beginners Sun Salutations and practice it. You can do several rounds of Sun Salutations for limbering up and getting warm before your practice. View it Here on You Tube.

Moon Salutations - Chandra Namaskara
Yoga Moon Salutations are a counter-balance to the Sun Salutations. Try both for balancing opposing energies.


Standing Forward Stretch (Uttanasana)

This first move is a wonderful stretch to release the back muscles. Bend forward keeping the knees bent, chest on or close to thighs, holding your elbows. Don't tuck the elbows in close to the body, just let them relax as you hold them. Keep your head relaxed and your face soft. Feel the lower back start to release. Next, start to straighten your legs, still holding your elbows. Finally, let go of the arms and let them hang loosely. Feel the complete release of all stress and tension. Hold each of these poses for five to ten breaths, then slowly roll up to a standing position and reach to stretch over head with palms touching. Uttanasana


Chest Expansion

Start in a standing position and clasp fingers behind the back. Pull up on the arms to feel an increased stretch in the chest and arms. Tighten the lower body as you start to press the hips slightly forward and arch back, lifting the heart to the sky. Hold as long as comfortable.


Standing Side Stretch - Crescent Moon Pose

Start in a standing position and bring both arms up overhead. Grab the left wrist with the right hand. Inhale, then exhale as you start to lean over to the right, pulling the left arm over the ear. Hold for five to ten deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Standing Forward Wide Angle Pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)

From a standing position with feet together, bend forward and touch the floor if possible (bend knees if necessary). Slowly separate the feet 3 to 4 feet apart in a wide stance with legs as straight as possible. Grab the ankles or calfs as you gently pull the head closer to the legs. Hold for five to ten deep breaths. Place hands on floor as you walk the feet back together and roll up slowly.

Prasarita Padottanasana


Cat/Cow Pose (Durga-Go)

Start on your hands and knees and begin by looking up, slowly inhaling and lifting the tail bone to the sky. Exhale while rounding the back like a cat, pressing the belly to the spine and pressing the hands deep into the floor. Tuck the chin into the throat. This move releases tension in the back and stimulates the Thyroid by pressing the chin to the throat. It also can help to strengthen the abdominal muscles by holding and pressing the belly to the spine. Do this move five to ten times, always breathing deeply through the moves.

Durga-Go Durga-Go


Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Start by lying on your stomach with the hands directly under your shoulders, elbows bent. Begin by taking a deep breath and then on the exhale bring the chest off the floor, using your back muscles. Keep the feet on the floor with the legs straight. If you want to increase the intensity, lift the palms off the floor while you hold the pose. Hold for five to ten breaths.



Childs Pose (Balasana)

Start in a kneeling position and then sit onto the heels. Walk the hands forward and relax down, resting on your heels with the arms outstretched on the floor in front. Keep the breath deep and relax on each exhale. Feel the complete release of tension through the fingers as the whole spine stretches.


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Eternity Yoga has some great free tips for yoga students - good for beginners and experienced yogis. The “Free Yoga Positions” pages have lots of positions (Asanas) described clearly and in detail, so you can do them yourself at home. I've tried out the Asanas myself. I found them easy to follow with helpful pictures. My favorites are the Triangle and Warrior poses for a really good invigorating stretch, and of course the Childs Pose to totally unwind at the end of the session. It's an excellent resource. There are also videos available if you want even more help. I'd recommend these pages to any budding yogis out there!

Best wishes,

Mike Skinner

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