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Yoga Self-Mastery and Empowerment Five Part Series

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Learn the Profound Secrets to Reduce Stress, Heal Depression and Become Empowered with Yoga!

Here is what you will get:

1. Five Weekly Lessons - Each Lesson is in both Written and Audio format so that you can listen and read for better retention.

2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls Each week you will be getting a live group coaching call for more in-depth teaching on each lesson. This is where the real learning begins. We will expand on each week's lesson, see the obstacles and see where they are sabotaging your life. We can then begin the process of transformation, growth and empowerment.

The dates and times of the group coaching calls will be provided. You will be able to ask questions and get answers. If you cannot be live on the calls, they will be recorded and sent to you so that you can listen at your convenience.

In addition to the course, here are Two More Bonuses!

3. First Bonus - The Third Lesson has Three Extra Instructional Audio Lessons on the fundamentals of what meditation is and how to begin a simple and easy meditation practice. It was designed to teach you a complete but condensed version of the meditation principles to get you started.

4. Second Bonus: A copy of Yoga Ambiance Beginner/Intermediate DVD shipped right to your door. You will be able to start a basic but rich, physical beginner/intermediate yoga practice to get your body strong, to go with your sharpened and clarified mind. A strong mind needs a strong body.

You get all the Lessons with Audios, Bonus Meditation Audios, Weekly Group Coaching Calls and the Yoga Ambiance Beginner/Intermediate DVD, shipped right to your door.

This five week course teaches the five primary obstacles to happiness. It reveals the real reasons for suffering according to the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and How To Overcome These Obstacles so that you can become free from the pain and learn to live life fully and abundantly.

You will now have the knowledge and power to change the things in your life that are not working for you and turn them into assets!

Order the Yoga Self-Mastery Course now at the low price of $197.00 for five weeks of personalized coaching and training and bonuses that will give you clarity, confidence and a new outlook and control of old problems, in addition to gaining the physical strength, balance and stress reduction that you need.

This introductory course price will be going up to the original price of $497.00 soon, so lock in the low price now!


If you decide after the first lesson that you do not want the course, just send me an email before the second week's training and I will give you a full refund.

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Once payment is made, you will receive your first Module delivered to your email address with all the instructions for the live coaching calls.


Contact me if you have any questions.