Yoga Sox, Spas and Foot Remedies

Whether you practice yoga or not, the care of your feet is of primary importance. Yoga sox, foot spas and other foot care remedies feel great. Our feet are our foundation, and without a good foundation our entire structure is greatly compromised. Take good care of your feet and your whole body will thank you!


One of the best ways to unwind and take care of your feet is to soak them. Foot spas provide a great way to relax, soften and care for your feet after a long day, especially after yoga. Try adding this great way to unwind for maximum TLC to your greatest source of support, your feet. Read about the top foot spas at this link: - Foot Spas


Foot Massages are essential for feeling good all over, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Here is a Foot Massage PDF on how to perform a foot massage from - Trauma Healing and Transformation, Chapter 4, p. 150-151 — Patricia Mathes Cane, Ph.D.


So what is a foot revolution? The liberation of your feet. The ability to spread your toes. Wiggle room. Spacious, breathing, strong, enlightened feet.

Yoga-Pilates ToeSox with patented non-slip grip are great for yoga, pilates, dance and martial arts, as well as any other barefoot activity. Sport-Sandal ToeSox without the non-slip sole are the same sock - no grip. Great to wear in your athletic shoes or sandals. The five toe design promotes toe strength and flexibility by allowing independent movement of your toes. Foot freedom. Happy feet. Good stuff.

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