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Excess weight gain is an epidemic in today's world where lifestyles are sedentary and food is loaded with extra, empty calories. These factors, along with many others, have resulted in not only increased obesity, but an array of health problems like diabetes and cancer.

Most people seeking to lose weight are not aware of the false information they get through diet ads and the media. The truth of the matter is that long-term weight loss success is dismal with the rules, limits and recommendations that are widely given. Reasons why dieters fail result from having misleading information about weight loss and thinking that quick-fix fad diets will work for the long term. Statistics show that fad diets fail.


Since the body, mind, breath and spirit are all connected, if we merely choose to cut calories with a restrictive diet and push our bodies through extreme paces of grueling exercise, not only will we be miserable, we will not be accessing or tapping into the whole process, which is necessary for a body to tune-in to its ideal weight. The body has an inner intelligence. Begin to become aware of that intelligence and allow it to work it's magic naturally.

The key word for losing weight is "integration." What that means is becoming whole and learning what it takes to naturally drop pounds and become healthier, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Yoga is an integration, a "union" of body, mind and spirit. Losing weight through yoga lies not just in the expenditure of calories, but through increased body awareness. Additional activities like cardiovascular exercises and weights may be added to your yoga practice if you choose gentle yoga and need to build muscle and burn more calories, but it is important that you enjoy these activities and stick to a daily program without foregoing the practice of mindfulness.


It is important to have good metabolism for burning fat. The body's composition should be made of mainly lean muscle, not an abundance of fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. In order to reverse the order of the body's ratio to build more muscle, less fat, you must work the body effectively.

Eternity Yoga's Power Fusion Video is an intermediate/advanced routine that will burn calories, build strength and muscle and increase metabolism. Start slowly, and build up your strength, flexibility and fat-burning power through this powerful yoga routine. Regular practice will bring great results.

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To learn more about yoga and weight loss, an e-book called Eternity Yoga's Effortless Weight Loss Guide will be available soon. Bookmark this page and stay tuned to this site for more information.

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