Meditation - How Does it Work, and What Can Meditation for Stress Management Do For You?


Meditation, the Sanskrit name being Dhyana, is a stilling of the chatter of the mind and is recognized as a major component of Eastern religions, where it has been practiced for possibly well over 6,000 years.

It is not a difficult practice, but does take some basic instruction, which will help in smoothing out the process. It is not something that you must force upon yourself. The key words are - Easy, Gentle, Non-judgmental. Once you experience the inner joy it produces, you will want to enter into that blissful place often.


It is very helpful to establish a routine to your practice, so setting aside a certain time every day will be very beneficial. The best times to meditate are early morning and just before dinner. Of course, any time you can devote to it is fine.

Practicing is only difficult if we become too concerned and worried about doing it correctly. Although staying focused does become easier with time and practice, it is important to keep in...

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