Hatha Yoga - The Many Facets of Hatha Yoga

hatha yoga kundalini yoga Aug 25, 2018

Hatha Yoga

  It can be quite overwhelming and confusing to someone new 
  to yoga trying to figure out the differences between all the 
  many aspects of the practice.

  What Exactly is it?

  The word Hatha means "sun and moon." Ha is sun, Tha is moon. It signifies bringing union to opposing forces. It is the culmination and blending of yoga movement known as asana, breath control known as pranayama, and meditation known as Dhyana.

The practice can be looked at as the scientific blending of different aspects of yoga with the purpose of creating balance. In the quest for enlightenment we must first purify and strengthen the body to enable the purification of the mind. Greater mental and spiritual awareness can be brought about with a healthy and pure body. When balance is created, there is the possibility for greater evolution of human consciousness.

The physical movements, known as asanas, require attention to posture and alignment to create...

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